Easy Weed

Blue Planet Nutrients Easy Weed Seaweed is our highly concentrated powder flake version of our popular Liquid Seaweed product. Just add a small scoop (1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon) to a gallon of water and that is all you need! It is packed with special naturally occurring growth hormones, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, and fully chelated readily available micro-nutrients. This all-natural supplement works well in any type of garden and is a great way to boost overall plant vitality. Easy Weed can help produce more successful clones, stimulate growth, and even help produce more fragrant flowers and sweeter fruits. Easy Weed is organic and dissolves easily. Suitable for any type of garden or growing medium.

Benefits of using Easy Weed Seaweed Supplement:

Micro-nutrients - Easy Weed is extremely rich in chelated micro-nutrients so they can be fully utilized by your plants.

Hormones - In the ocean, seaweed is capable of remarkable feats of rapid growth in extremely unforgiving conditions. Seaweed constantly contends with low levels of light and tides that constantly threaten to pull it out to sea, yet it is able to grow at stunning speeds. It comes packed with powerful growth hormones that are specifically designed for rapid plant development and allows your plants to enjoy the benefits of these powerful hormones.

Carbohydrates - Many growers avoid putting extra carbohydrates in their hydroponic system, thinking that their plants can produce all that they need. While this can be true, you can still greatly benefit from increasing your overall carbohydrate levels. An excellent, natural way to increase carbohydrates is through using a good seaweed product. Easy Weed provides extra carbohydrates and can help mother plants produce more successful clones, help stimulate extra growth, and even help produce better smelling flowers and sweet fruits when used in conjunction with other hydroponic supplements such as Early Bloomer and Liquid Blue. The extra carbohydrates in Easy Weed can be invaluable to increasing yield and even increasing the overall quality of your harvest.

Stronger Beneficial Microbes - Most hydroponic gardeners don't realize the benefits of a healthy beneficial microbial population in and around the root zone of their plants. Beneficial microbes are instrumental in thickening roots and controlling pathogenic microorganisms. If there is a lack of organic material in your hydroponic system, you just won’t be able to fully benefit all from a healthy microbial population. Easy Weed contains bountiful organic material and provides beneficial microorganisms with a rich source of food so they can do their job.

Blue Planet Nutrients Easy Weed is formulated for use in hydroponic systems, coco-coir, all soil-less mediums such as vermiculite and perlite, and in soil.

Can't decide between Easy Weed and Liquid Seaweed?

That's okay, we can help. Both products provide your plants with similar levels of nutrition and benefits. Easy Weed is a powder so it weighs less and the smaller container takes up less space, (but don't let the size fool you). When mixed with water, Easy Weed creates a ready to feed solution that can be fed directly to plants or combined with other fertilizers. Like Liquid Seaweed, one container of Easy Weed can produce hundreds of gallons of ready to feed solution, making it a great value!